Friday, October 21, 2011

Jet Lag

Last month, I was on business trip during the week of our 4th anniversary. Today, I am in Costa Rica for business and will be missing again our monthsary in a couple of days. With the 14-hour time difference, it is definitely hard to stay in touch.

We agreed, then, to cover a song that best describes our current situation. With videos from Yza in Makati and videos from me in transit airports and in the hotel, we placed together a video for Simple Plan's and Natasha Bedingfield's song called Jet Lag. Aside from the appropriateness of the song, we just really like it (Proof: this song has already been used twice in this blog) so it's a win-win. =)

...and the spending-monthsaries-and-anniversaries-away-from-each-other streak will continue next month, Yza leaving this time. =( But what matters is we still keep in touch and we always look forward to seeing each other afterwards.

I just hope December will be a different story.

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Jerah Go said... Best Blogger Tips

omg so cheeeeeeeeeeeesssy! haha. cute kaayo mo!

y! said... Best Blogger Tips

thank you jer!!!:D please forgive the cheesiness. it comes naturally.haha

e! said... Best Blogger Tips

haha jerah, gikilig ka or giluod? wa ko kasabot. =p

RiRi Caress said... Best Blogger Tips

pa cute kaiu nis yza bah :) hahah. nya gtuyo jud na nga ang pinky ra ang painted red nga fingernail van? :p

Passerby said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so adorable! You guys are the cutest!

e! said... Best Blogger Tips

thank you so much! :) we are happy to know you enjoyed this post.

e! said... Best Blogger Tips

naka.notice pa ka ato ria??? hahaha.

y! said... Best Blogger Tips

ri, sorry kaayo, i was trying this nail polish sa mall and i forgot to remove it. grabe kaayo ka ka observant!haha

riricaress said... Best Blogger Tips

haha. i forgot how i noticed the painted nail, so i watched the video again. klaro raman, dli man sha hard to spot :p yza does a lot of hand movements man gd :)

Girlie Cabije said... Best Blogger Tips

your blog always makes me smile. :) very cute couple.

y! said... Best Blogger Tips

thank you, ate girlie! <3

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